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Two Faces of Agra

Four years ago David took did an awesomely romantic thing. He took me to watch the sunrise at the Taj Mahal. Only problem was that the January fog had thrown a wet blanket over most of that part of India and the view of one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world was considerably dampened. 100,000 people and I were mighty disappointed that day as there’s no lighting inside the Taj, which left us all pretty much in the dark.

Let’s hear it for dogged determination. Today David took me back to the Taj, this time in bright sunlight. That the other 100,000 tourists joined us wasn’t such a big deal. I’ve been in India long enough to push and shove with the best of them. The experience (not included the pushing and shoving) was magical on many levels. That you are actually at the Taj Mahal is an adrenaline rush of major proportions. Seeing that iconic edifice in all its gleaming glory just about takes your breath away. Reading that Shah Jahan built it as a mausoleum for his third wife Mumtaz Mahal after she died giving birth to their FOURTEENTH CHILD causes your jaw to drop in astonishment and (if you’ve ever had just one episiotomy) horror.

The road in and out of Agra presented an entirely different slice of Indian life. Life on the street, while certainly colorful, is no bowl of mangoes.







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One thought on “Two Faces of Agra

  1. loved the journey…i have made it many many many times…many during the building of
    that road which was fantastic as all lanes were both directions…and also many many
    times in december and january…so i totally recaptured my journeys while being
    delighted and enchanted by yours…carol green sent this to me…said we would enjoy
    each other!! seeing these photos,i am quite sure she is right…!! come next to bali
    (where i live)…india and bali create the hindu whole ++….they are both opposite
    illusions….and in many ways equally fascinating…albeit one is harder than the other!

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