Special post for Elijah, Julia and Ben

Dear Elijah, Julia and Ben,
You never know what you are going to see here in Jaipur, India. Grandpa (aka Pop Pop) are I are never surprised at what is either coming down the street or popping up just around the next corner. I took some pictures so you could get an idea of some of the things we are seeing every day here in India.
First of all, there are cows everywhere – they walk down the middle of the street:

They hang out in front of school:

They even follow you home from school:

Then there are monkeys – everywhere! Swinging in the trees, climbing up buildings and grabbing things from open windows, and sitting on cars and in the middle of the street:

Sometimes they are pretty naughty and steal things like cameras and water bottles from people.
There are pigs – which is sort of weird since people here don’t eat pigs:

Then things get really interesting:
There are snake charmers:

Galloping horses risen by men in fancy costumes:

The occasional donkey:

A goat here and there:

And of course, this being India, camels too:

There are elephants as well, but we didn’t see any today to get pictures.
Tomorrow we got to a place where there are tigers. You don’t always get to see them, but if we are lucky and get some photos, we will send them to you.
Love, Grandma and Grandpa (Pop Pop)