Falaknuma Palace

What does it mean that the spellcheck on my ipad knows Falaknuma Palace and I hadn’t heard of it until we went there for lunch today. And what a lunch and what a palace it is.

Here’s the email I sent to our sons. The subject matter said, “Kiss your inheritance goodbye.”

Well boys, your dad fell in love with the palace where we had lunch today and went way beyond the 21 course degustation menu. Below is his response to our friend Santha’s invitation for our farewell dinner. Dad’s reply follows. It was Santha who arranged for our splendid lunch today. You can check out our new property at:

shower of rose petals

Don’t forget to look at the video just above. If you think you are watching rose petals being dropped from the balcony on arriving guests you are correct. Xoxo

Invitation from Santha:
Hi all
The Brodys – David and Lora – are alas going away on Tuesday morning and let’s all get together at the Sailing Club on Monday EARLY by 7 pm to bid adieu as they have an early morning
Cheers Santha

Response from David

Dear friends,
Who said anything about leaving? We just purchased the Falaknuma instead of dessert. We tried to put it on the credit card but the seller would not go below 2.25% credit card surcharge. We ended up overpaying to get the deal closed as soon as we are able to sell our 11% interest in the US and Chinese economies. We have already emailed the kids to sell and wire the funds. Santha, even though used your name, we have not yet been able to open an Indian bank account to receive the wire transfer. So if you see US$ hit your account, please understand.

We have instructed the staff to set aside a suite and dining room table (window, if that is acceptable to you) for each of you to use at your discretion. For groups up to 50 the house will take care of the charges in full. Beyond groups of 50 we regretfully must inform you that the UN General Assembly requires the guest to absorb 0.005% of the excess.

We know the transaction cannot be completed by tomorrow evening because our children will certainly encounter some delay in liquidating Manhattan and JFK Airport. Nevertheless, we look forward to your joining us many times at the Falaknuma as soon as the signage is changed to “Lora’s Place”.


Views from our new home: