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One thought on “More Images From Sri Lanka

  1. Hi There from England
    I have so enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the wonderful pictures, I particularly liked the stupa wrapped in saffron robes for the Poya festival. I met you very briefly at The Other Corner in Habarana during an early morning nature walk.
    I love to see the “raw” side of Asia and your pictures of colourful buildings are a delight. I have returned to England after my two weeks in Sri Lanka and have many wildlife pictures, and I am very pleased with the result, ( I am happy with about 50 pics , out of about 1000 taken). Already checking down the side of the sofa and in cupboards for loose change to add to my “Sri Lanka in December” fund. I am hoping to visit Jaffna and the very North of the Island.
    Currently studying the rules of baseball and reading the books you kindly suggested.
    I hope the Boston snow has ceased and you are wrapped up warm after months of warm weather.


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