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Holi – true local color

What do you call a holiday in which both children and adults joyously paint themselves and each other with colored powder? People in India call it Holi but I call it a photographer’s dream come true.

You can read all about the holiday by clicking on this link:
Everything you need to know about Holi

We assumed that Himachal Pradesh (the state in Northern India where Manali is located) celebrated Holi on March 27, just like the rest of India. Therefore we felt no concern about heading out of town the day before. We went to a place called Nagga to visit a lovely wooden castle and an art gallery of the marvelous Russian painter Nicholas Roerich, who painted the mountains surrounding the village.
about Nicholas Roerich

It was on the road to the castle that we began to see evidence that Holi celebrations had already commenced and that, indeed, this Indian state celebrated a day before the rest of the country.





Before the day was over we had both been initiated:



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